After considering the initial ideas about the apple I found interest in the Adam and Eve story. The story has two significances. From religious point of view, it means the God will punish people if they don’t follow his rules. From not religious point of view it just a simple story about the birth of good and bad. It’s very similar to the Big Bang Theory. At first there was nothing, then from the nothing born two opposite things. Matter and antimatter. All the world is built from opposite things.


On my first concept I presented the good and the bad on the two side of the painting and in the middle with the apple I presented the origin of the good and the bad. I planned to collect good and bad facts from the history and place them on the appropriate side. At this point I realised I can’t decide about these facts that they are good or bad. I decided to present the good and the bad by faces. Because the apple is a food I felt it was not a powerful enough symbol.


Alexander Kosolapov uses on his artworks capitalist, communist and religious symbols like Mickey Mouse, Jesus or Lenin. His works inspirited me to use a doll’s head on my work.


I changed the apple to a doll’s head. The doll’s head is a perfect choice because it presents the future of mankind and the innocence. It’s a tool of education as well, we teach with doll to our children the appropriate social behaviour. I made research about dolls and I decided to choose a realistic doll. I ruled out to present Barbie because with Barbie children tend to practice how to behave as an adult.


I painted the doll in colours because it presents the reality. It’s something we can touch. We can’t touch the good and the bad and I decide to present them in black and white.


I found interest in the works of Paula Rego because she presents women in a unique way. She presents women who look like men. The dresses and the colours of her paintings compensate it. I tried to use similar colours to explore the innocence of the doll.


The most difficult part of the concept was the determination of the faces that will present the good and the bad. At first I determined the most important face features that people use to connect with good and bad human values. After I had clear ideas about the trustful and not trustful face features I looked for examples form the reality. I collected photos about serial killers and Nobel peace awarded people. I refreshed my knowledge about how people make opinion about each other. At first time we haven’t got any other tool to decide about the personality of a new person that the physical features. It’s a judgement. Although we know we shouldn’t make opinion at first sight, we do it every time. I decided to present this judgement on my painting by changing the traditional presentation of good and bad.

The reasons we can think the left side is the good side is the white colour, the nicer face features and the fact it isn’t upside down. On my painting the good is presented in black. The face is upside down. The behaviour of the two person show us their real personality. The white person is attacks the doll and grab it with her hands. We can see a frown on her face. The face of the black person is calm. We can’t see any aggression in his behaviour. It’s just an old face.


I was influenced by Arthur Kubin when I chose the face on the right side. On a lot of his works he presents the death in a less frightening way. Many of his works present mostly peaceful scenes with symbols of death. With the calm expression of the old face I tried to present the same peace.


I planned the composition very carefully. The doll’s head is in the middle of the painting. We can see the whole face of it. I painted only the half of the other two faces. I wanted to suggest they can be whole only together. The front heads and the noses lays on the same line.

The painting has a shape of square. The square with the circle and the equilateral triangle are the most basic and most perfect shapes. I used this shape to stronger concept that the figures all together are whole and perfect. The size of the square is 76 cm. The 7 is the number of God and the 6 is the number of Satan. I thought it’s important to present the concept in the size as well.


I used acrylics on an MDF board. It’s a new technique to me on a new medium. I found easy to work on the MDF board but I had problems with the acrylics. I’m satisfied that kept the idea to use acrylics because I gained experience. I applied a matt varnish on the painting to make the black and white contrast visible from any position.


I’m satisfied with the final piece except for three things. I planned to present the perfect face on the left side. The perfect face has already been determined by the science. I tried to paint this face but it isn’t perfect.

The doll based on my plans would be like a 3 years old child. This is that age in that children aren’t still influenced by a children’s community. They already can speak and walk but they are still innocence. I just realised after I applied the varnish I forgot to work out the ear of the white face. It isn’t extremely visible but the composition isn’t perfect without the missing ear.


The main message of my work is that we make judgement on each other. This judgement is based on our education. We decide what is good and what is bad and we are just slightly flexible in this.

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