Dianaart Paintings

I love the art from my childhood. I was always looking for new challenges and motivations in my works. I improved my knowledge with always trying new techniques. I do pictures with pencil, colour pencil, pastel chalk, pastel pencil, charcoal, watercolour, tempera, aquarelle, acrylic paint and oil paint. I use brushes and airbrush. I worked 10 years as a makeup artist and body painter. It isn’t exaggerating, that in whole my life I studied and practiced art.

I attended a musical primary school where I studied classic music and I took part in the choir. I continued my studies in an Italian bilingual school where I studied in Italian the history of art and Italian literacy. I enjoyed it and I decided to study more about art so after school I enrolled to a course to be an Italian guide. As a part of my studies, I travelled around the country to see personally the artworks and I visited exhibitions. The many artist and artworks I know, made a deep influence on my own works. I had decided to choose a field of art as a profession and I studied at a makeup artistry school in 2005, where I extended my knowledge with history of makeup and fashion as well.

It was a perfect profession for me because it improved my artistic skills from many points of view. I developed an appreciation in seeing colours and observing details of the faces that was useful in drawing and painting as well. I became an excellent portrait painter in these years. I worked with photographers which helped me to understand quickly other artist`s imaginations, and learnt to co-operate with them to realise and complete their own artworks with mine. In 2014 I took part in a family business of dog fashion webshop. As a part of my role I selected the collection, I took photos from the products and I organised the social marketing campaigns.

I have been living in Nottingham from 2 and half years. I moved to the UK because I have felt the need of new challenges. I study art, I attend the Fine Art Foundation Degree course of Central College.